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How to Turn Viewers into Buyers

How to Turn Viewers into Buyers

When selling your home, the goal is to attract plenty of interest, which in turn leads to a diary packed full of viewings. But a constant stream of viewers parading over your freshly vacuumed carpets with no offers in sight can be demotivating and, frankly, inconvenient.

So, if you’re looking to reduce the wear on your pure wool carpets and secure a buyer in record time, we’ve compiled our room by room guide on how to prepare your home for a successful sale ahead of viewings.

It might be a cliché, but you are essentially preparing your home for its first date. The prospective buyer has liked what they’ve seen on the dating app, and it’s now time to see if the credentials check out IRL.

Remember, if they’re taking the time to view your home, they already like it. Now is the moment to showcase its best bits at their finest, and to pay attention to any areas that could prove to be first date turn offs. Let’s start at the beginning.


#1 First impressions

Kerb appeal is everything. Before setting foot through the front door, a buyer will expect to be tingling with anticipation at what is to come. This means the front garden, driveway and front door should all be in ship shape order.

Any lingering leaves on the lawn must be raked clear and swept off the path, cars should preferably be moved from the drive to emphasise the parking area, and your front door should look inviting and secure.

For modern, composite doors, be sure to give them a good clean down with a cloth, and for traditional wooden doors, ensure the paintwork is fresh and unscratched, with all knobs and knockers polished to a shine.

 #2 A warm welcome

Once inside, the first space your viewer enters sets the tone of their visit. Whether this is a grand entrance hall, a modern porch or the kitchen, its essential that this area is free from clutter and filled with light.

If your entrance area has a tendency to host a pile of post, shoes, prams or coats, consider where best to relocate these items out of sight. This will ensure your viewers’ first impressions are of well-ordered spaciousness.

With the exception of architecturally designed modern houses, entrance hallways can often be one of the darkest spaces of the home.

If your entrance hall is lacking in natural light, look at redecorating walls in lighter shades, replacing lighting with warm white bulbs or even introducing a mirror to help reflect the light, creating a warm and welcoming environment.



#3 The heart of the home

Regularly cited as the room most likely to sell a home, the 21st century kitchen is at the heart of modern family life.

If you’re selling your home, spending thousands of pounds on upgrades is rarely advisable, however there are several ways in which to season a kitchen to make it mouth-watering and irresistible to viewers.

Deep clean until every inch sparkles, or, if it’s a last-minute viewing that’s been booked in, pay close attention to worktops, sinks and be sure to empty the bin.

Anticipate every inch of your home to be examined with a fine toothcomb, so cleaning the fridge and cooker are highly recommended, and if you don’t have time to empty the dishwasher, at least turn it on, so inquisitive viewers aren’t greeted by greasy plates and curious odours.

Keep the counters clutter free to emphasise the availability of preparation space, but perhaps with the exception of a wholesome looking fruit bowl, or a vase of freshly cut flowers.

Whether your dining area is part of the kitchen, or an independent room, keep things clutter free and focused on function of the room. Chandeliers must be polished to a shine to ensure the mood lighting is just right. A vase of fresh flowers on the dining table set off the room, so consider making friends with your local florist for their best recommendations.

 #4 Laidback living

Your living room should ooze comfort. A place for family to come together, a space for parents to unwind and stretch out once the children are finally in bed and even a room in which to entertain; it has to impress.

As far as selling the lifestyle goes, this is the room that needs to shine.

As with all our tips, this one starts with decluttering and cleaning. But what else can you do to showcase your living room’s best features?

The key lies in the furniture. It needs to be in scale with the room, clean and not overpowering the room. If your living area feels a bit cramped, remove a side table, set of freestanding shelves or an extra armchair.

Tired upholstery may also benefit from a professional steam clean, or even a neutral throw.

 If your home has a focal point, such as a fantastic view over the garden or a handsome fireplace, try rearranging the furniture to maximise the impact.


#5 Pristine bathrooms

Cleanliness will always impress. Luxurious is the gold standard, but fresh and clean is the bare minimum. Limescale and black mould are big no-nos, and for a quick fix for stained grouting, invest in a tile grouting pen (sort of like Tippex for in between your tiles).

Declutter all your toiletries and toothbrushes, polish mirrors to a shine and pop in a pot plant (succulents are always a safe bet) along with a premium scented candle.

It’s also a must to keep a set of ‘viewings only’ fluffy white towels in your linen closet for these important occasions.

 #6 Boutique bedrooms

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. The quiet haven you retreat to each night in search of rest and refreshment ahead of a new day.

The watch word here is ‘tranquil’. Avoid loud colours, busy clutter, photos on walls, piles of washing, and even superfluous furniture.

Keep the bedding neutral, although if you are a dab hand at interior design, accessorising with a soft throw and matching cushions can really set the scene. Matching lamps on bedside tables should be switched on before a viewing to really capture the cosiness of the room.

For children’s bedrooms, try not to worry too much. There is such a thing as ‘over sterilising’ a home. If you are able, choosing the neutral bedding over dinosaur sheets is preferable, and Kallax style storage is ideal for ‘controlling’ the chaos of toys, games and Lego.

It’s also a good idea to reduce the number of posters, photographs and stickers on a wall if you are able.

Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so it’s always worth going the extra mile in preparation for a viewing. Who knows when Mr and Mrs Right might come calling?

For more ideas on how to prepare your home for a viewing, or to talk things over with one of our expert team, drop us a line at or call us on 0118 304 7177 We’d love to help you get moving.